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It took me awhile to realize that some of my customers or friends wasn't cut out for selling products because they claimed that they didn't have enough time and resources to invest in creating new products or selling products. Reselling other people's product was a viable option because all would have to do is focus on promoting and earning commissions from each sale.

The problem that some had with this was the fact that they have to constantly promote to earn an income. That's when I decided I wanted a program for my customers and friends that offered a product or service that they could actually use themselves and be able to show others how to use as well. I also wanted a program that provides the opportunity to earn a monthly residual income. I selected the following:

Global Domains International (GDI)
After trying many different programs, I chose Global Domains International (GDI) to start building a monthly income because I felt it was the most economical for the average person to get started with. For only $10 monthly, GDI provides everything the beginner needs to create and publish your personal, business, club or any type website they desire. And this opportunity is Worldwide!

Why Global Domains International (GDI)?

For $10 monthly GDI provides everything you need to create and publish your own personal, business, club or any type website you desire.
GDI pays $1 for each member you sign up through 5 levels, so if you focus your efforts on signing up 5 new members and then help each of them sign up 5 each, you would earn $3,905 every month for as long as everyone remained with GDI. This is my personal goal for now. I'm not looking to make $100,000 or even $50,000 monthly.

If you want to know how I came up with the above figure, just click here and use the
GDI income calculator.

 My Philosophy for Making Money Online

- Focus on the product/service -- not the opportunity.
- Share all your knowledge with others and always help others
- Earn the trust and respect of other online marketers.
- Never forget the fact that YOU were a newbie also.
- Always be honest in your dealing with others.
- Be yourself when dealing with others.

Main Features of GDI:

1) A product that is needed by both Businesses and Individuals of all ages and in every country, giving you the largest, worldwide need you can imagine - simply incredible!

2) Has been around for more than a year, which convinces us that the start problems associated with such a product have been worked out.

3) Has great appeal to prospects, caused also by its great marketing techniques - makes it easy for you to tell people about.

4) Has a simple, but powerful commission plan, allowing anyone to figure things out, how much money they will be able to make in the months and years to come.

5) Advertising materials come in several different languages, allowing you to reach almost everyone on the planet!

7) Can be sold in almost 200 countries!

8) Costs only $10 per month, so anyone can afford to buy this product!

Isn't that enough? We think this system is awesome and simply ROCKS!

But that's not all!

In addition to the money-making system above, you get most of the basic services that you need to be successful on the Internet, things like training materials, contact management, the best advertising resources and Fantastic Compensation!

If you're not already a GDI member and would be interested in joining my team, you can learn more by
clicking here. (Try the system for 7 days, FREE trial period with no obligation)


15 Reasons why GDI is a Win-win Situation?

1)  Legally save hundreds and thousands on home expenses
2)  No Selling, online & offline DVD & personal site does all of it
3)  No Product Overhead, No Commute
4)  Powerful Global Product, No Competitors
5)  Unlimited Earning Potential Paid by Cheque, PayPal, or Into Bank Account
6)  Powerful Online Lead Source / Business Card / DVD / Newsprint
7)  Personalized Backoffice / Effective Tracking Reports
8)  Recognitions From Top Business Companies
9)  You can build this either online or offline or both
10)  Daily Support 24/7
11)  Take business with you anywhere in the world
12)  Part-time Work, 9-5 Full-time Income
13)  Full-time Work, CEO Income
14)  No calling, stay in touch with others by email
15)  FREE to TRY for 7 days, only $10 a month

More about GDI

More about you need to watch the DVD here:
You could also order the DVD here:
Use the power of the GDI DVD online & offline if you decide to join us:
My GDI business card:


To build Success with GDI

Success Steps In 7-Day Free Trial:
1) take 7-day free trial
2) choose a unique username
3) try to match with own 
4) build a website for any purpose
5) if you don't build a website (which is okay)
6) automatically be forwarded to 
7) send pre made invitations or personal email to who you know
8) earn in your first week
9) after 7 days, you are billed $10 monthly
10) log in from (online back office)
Offline Marketing Success:
1) keep it simple, buy 10 GDI dvds, so eligible for all pay/bonus plan
2) collect pay by sending a picture and your testimonial (one time)
3) show dvd to anyone you know who wants to make money
4) DVD does all selling, email or phone call gains trust
5) use the power of free business cards & flyers to share opportunity
Online Marketing Success:
1) keep bringing visitors to your personal 
2) send automated invitations to those we know from 
3) or personally email the invidiuals we know to our personal 
4) system does all the selling (email & phone call gains trust)
5) keep promoting the opportunity to build your organization with GDI

GDI links to share and to promote

(During Free Trial & as Member)
1) build a site for your
2) if you don't build a site, be forwarded to 
3) (all in one company, product, pay plan info)
4) (shows dvd online)
5) (shows flash presentation)


Spotlight: 3 Step Secret

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Step 1:
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Step 2:
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Step 3:

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